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About Mobile Police Training Structures

Scott Giovannetti is a thirty-year police veteran (retired) who  started Mobile Police Training Structures in 2009. Scott has an extensive background in police training. Like many trainers, he recognized the limitations presented by most traditional training sites. These sites couldn’t be used on a long-term basis without students becoming too familiar with their layout diminishing their value for essential judgmental training. Many of these sites were also not conveniently located and often involved considerable travel time. Additionally, they did not enable the use of marking cartridges for “force on force” training.


This robust environment can be quickly and easily reconfigured, challenging learners in a manner that more accurately represents what is experienced operationally. Trainers can create layouts that will ensure they meet the desired learning outcomes. Deployments have occurred in all levels of Law Enforcement, Military, Corrections, Justice Studies programs and private training centers. Structures have been successfully integrated with Digital Simulation. The partnership with TiTraining has created the RECON SimHouse. 

The unique bracket system allows for rapid set-up, takedown and reconfiguration. No tools or ladders are required for setup.

Surrey PS Set up 4_edited.jpg

The Prototype 

The Mobile Police Training Structure Prototype was highly successful, with eight modifications being identified and implemented to meet the dynamic and unique needs of the Police Training community. The revised MPTS saw its first installation at the new, leading-edge Toronto Police Service training centre and has served as a benchmark demonstration facility for the system ever since.


This leading-edge tool now assists police service educators with a highly flexible and innovative environment to meet demanding and changing learning objectives. The patented bracket system allows for rapid set-up, take-down and reconfiguration – allowing educators to maximize training time and budgets while challenging their students in an immersive environment.

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